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SupremeVoice Communications (we) will enter into a service provider relationship with Customer only if a full payment is made, at such time Services will be provisioned within the same calendar day (usually instantly). Customer will have to pay the full amount of the Services before any provisioning is done. Customer will receive an e-mail reminder within 5 days of an invoice being due, and will be responsible for making payment before the deadline of the billing cycle. SupremeVoice Communications will have the right to disrupt, suspend, or cancel Customer's Services if the payment is not received after 72 hours of the due date. There will be a recurring subscription for some specific services, and Customer will be notified of this. It is at SupremeVoice Communications' sole discretion if subscriptions may be cancelled without service disruption. If there is a billing mistake that SupremeVoice Communications has made, or Customer does not receive Services within 24 hours, we will offer a full refund for services that were ordered. At this time, we offer a fifteen (15) day money back guarantee to prove that our services are top notch, which may be claimed by submitting a ticket within 15 days of service provisioning. In the event of fraud, misinformation, terms of service violations or suspected criminal activity relating to the use of Services, we have the right to contact the rightful authorities. We also have the right to go through your information if there is any emergency policy or issues that we may have with your account or the billing system. If you re-sell or mistreat your services we have the right to cancel your services without a refund, unless you have a written agreement from us stating otherwise. For voice server reselling please check our Resellers section.

What we provide:

SupremeVoice Communications offers top quality VoIP/Dedicated servers and Web Hosting Services. We support our servers with the top bandwidth providers. We also offer customers a 24/7/365 customer support experience. Options for contacting our support team include live chat, a phone number, and a ticketing system. All support requests will be converted or copied to a support ticket for issue tracking purposes. We may request additional information for account verification if you do not submit a ticket directly from our billing system. If you don't receive any emails from the support department within 2 hours please send an email to We will handle your support issue that you may have with your services as soon as we possibly can. All support relating to customer accounts will be approved only if support ticket is sent through the SupremeVoice Support System directly (NOT live chat, e-mail, or phone).


All upgrades will take effect as per customer request, including start date of customer's choosing. If the customer’s needs an immediate upgrade the customer must pay the pro-rated price for the upgrade until the actual due date, but the customer will not get extended dates with in their billing cycle. Customers agree that changes to the server size and premium will change the amount debited on their due date.


All setups will be instant or within 1 hour of the day of purchase. It may change on any specific services such as Dedicated Servers, Server Locations and or a Reseller Package. You will be notified the setup rate on the description of your order form.


Our cancellation policy requires a customer to submit a cancellation request via our Support System at least 24 hours prior to your services due date. You must also cancel your PayPal subscription if one has been created. Failure to do this will result in your service being automatically billed once due. We reserve the right to cancel your services instantly without refund should you miss-use any of our services or for failure to maintain professionalism towards any SupremeVoice staff in any way.


Due to the traffic of our Reseller packages, it may take up to 48 hours to set up your custom reseller account. Reseller accounts and price list can only be custom requested through direct contact with us and not through our ordering system. If you are interested in our Reseller Packages you should contact us at If after payment we end up not having your resellers specifications in stock we will give you a full refund for your order. Please allow up to 48 hours for your services to be set up. Your billing cycle will include the 48 hours setup while your reseller package is being set up. These have to be manual payments and will also give you the options to upgrade and or downgrade at ANY time. Depending on the configuration you have we may need more time to set up your services, the less the faster it will be set up. We will give you a default account name and password through your email. Custom control panel will also be included for any of our services. Your reseller clients should NEVER contact us directly. If you are to break any Ventrilo, TeamSpeak and or Mumble terms or resell your reseller package we reserve the right to cancel your account with no refund. You can contact us at any time for your custom quote. Price per slot is at $0.28 to $0.38, based on slot volume, at our discretion.

Our Terms:

Our policies may change at any time. It is the responsibility of our customers to monitor this page to keep up to date and current with our Terms of Service. Failure to comply with our Terms of Service may be just cause for SupremeVoice Communications and its entities to terminate our agreement. No other contract shall negate any part of our Terms of Service. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason and cancel any service of anyone who breaks any rules or disrespects staff in any way shape or form.

Last Modified: September 21st, 2015